Empower Your Distributed Workforce With The Cloud’s Agility And Scalability

As organizations shift to new workplace models supporting work from anywhere, new challenges have emerged. Administration of virtual desktops and apps, operating system images, and user entitlements—infrastructure, in general—can become more cumbersome with homegrown tools. Using multiple vendors, products, and solutions that are not all mutually compatible requires human intervention, new skillsets, and unique processes. Plus, leveraging a hybrid or public-cloud only solution with the legacy environments can be a daunting task.

Download this e-book to learn how AVM Cloud's digital workspace can help your organization unlock various use cases while optimizing desktop no matter where they are hosted. The path toward simplified VDI and DaaS, begins with with us —  to deliver innovative VDI and DaaS capabilities across on-premises, hybrid, and public cloud environments


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