Building Trust With Sovereign Cloud: How Governments Can Safeguard Their Data


While the cloud is generally associated with business use cases, governments can benefit from being in the cloud just as much. In fact, in this digital age, a government needs to at least have parts of its services in the cloud if it wants to serve its constituency better, faster and more efficiently.

However, among the biggest concerns with using the cloud is that an organisation gives up a degree of control to someone else. While public clouds generally keep data private and secure, they might not necessarily cover the data sovereignty part of the equation—and that might be a deal breaker for governments looking to extend their reach to the cloud.

Yet, how can the government unlock the power of the cloud while being secured and compliant within sovereign soil? This e-Book will unravel how the government can harness the cloud and it’s full benefits all while complying with data residency and sovereignty regulations in moving the nation forward.


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