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Why AVM Cloud?


AVM Cloud Sdn Bhd (f.k.a. Integrated Global Solutions Technologies Sdn Bhd) is Malaysia’s pioneer of Cloud Computing Services. With over 9 years of experience, AVM Cloud has been at the forefront building our Enterprise Ready Cloud Service, AVM Cloud, as well as offering the best valued added support packages amongst IT managed services companies for its clients across multiple industries from financial banking, retail, logistics and government-linked corporations.Our ever increasing client list span across industries with more than 200 corporate customers and 250 cloud tenants subscribing to AVM Cloud Services offerings.

We develop variants of public and virtual private IT cloud services under AVM Cloud. We believe that AVM Cloud  is currently on par with many of the global cloud service providers. 

We aim to provide our clients with QUALITY, RELIABLE and VALUED Cloud Computing Services. We at AVM Cloud want our clients the option to be trouble free from their quagmire of support and focus on what's important to them; Their Business.

We continuously seek to INNOVATE our solutions and services, exploring the latest technologies that would help enhance the clients experience with the products.

Committed in heart and mind to the IT industry and our clients, AVM Cloud Management has always been actively INVOLVED in the business.


AVM Cloud Advantages


Secured by Trend Micro

AVM Cloud is protected by Enterprise Grade Security Solution – Trend Micro that specializes in datacentre protection. From Anti-virus, Anti-malware, Deep Security to Advance Protection Threats (APT) solutions are available.


AVM Cloud is deployed over 3 fiber connected Data Centers strategically located within Malaysia,fulfilling your company or industry compliance standard. The 3 zones helps to provide our clients the best connectivity, lower latency, while being cost efficient.


Enterprise Grade Equipment ready for the next stage

AVM Cloud infrastructure caters for hybrid connection between our Client's On-Premise Private Cloud and AVM Cloud.All the equipments used in our datacentres are Enterprise Grade and come with PCI-DSS certifications which would meet your business needs and compliances.


A Tale of Success

We believe there will always be a need for the Traditional Onsite Support especially one with local support 24/7.

No CapEx Investment  

Other benefits of AVM Cloud

Great Savings
Green  Computing
No staff training,and retraining
Pay as You Grow
24 x x7 x 365
Technical Support
Simplify the Operational Support

Today we have more than 200 clients using AVM Cloud over a period of 5 years.

Would you like to become another one of our successful stories? Drop us a line today!

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