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AVM Cloud:
Hybrid Cloud Workshop 2019

We have announced our latest solution for hybrid cloud environments called Fusion, to an audience of IT professionals, representing local enterprises at our hybrid cloud workshop!

Read all about it on our press release in our blog page!

Malaysia’s cybersecurity, forensic labs among the most advanced in the world

Did you know that Malaysia's cybersecurity and it digital forensic labaratories are among the most advanced in the world? Read what rank Malaaysia is on the Global CyberSecurity Index(GCI) and how digital evidence is being accepted in the courts today.

National awareness plan on cyber security, cyber crime by year-end

National awareness plan on cybersecurity, cybercrime by year end

Read all about it here on our AVM Cloud Blog

Why Cyber Security Is Important For Your Business?

Cyber attacks are the result of malicious people using technology for their own personal gain. They target businesses and individuals, and one way to stop that is with cybersecurity.

Learn what are the importance of cybersecurity to some business operation and what can be done to strengthen it.

Zero Trust: The Modern Approach To Cybersecurity

The conventional notion of the enterprise perimeter - imagining it as one big bubble to be protected -is now thoroughly outdated in a world where infiltration can be accomplished via a staggering number of devices and applications, either already in the network or soon to join it.

Learn how by reducing the complexity of the IT environment to something simpler and trying to scan the network for anomalies makes a successful cybersecurity model.

Executives now recognize cybersecurity as a key business driver

The predominance of cybersecurity as a business issue extendsto the board, with a majority(72%) of executives reporting information security is an agenda item for every board meeting.

Read why now executives recognize cybersecuirty as a key business driver on our blog.

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