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IGST is recognized as APAC CIO Outlook Top 25 Cloud Solution Providers for 2018!

31st July 2018​

Integrated Global Solutions Technologies (IGST) is CIO Outlook Top 25 Cloud Solution Providers for 2018.

This validates our efforts and we will continue to push our flagship product, AVM Cloud Services, to greater heights!

Thank you CIO Outlook for the award and we will continue to do our best to provide the best cloud solutions to the market!
Read on to know how AVM Cloud Services came to be and how we move from a simple consulting house to where we are today!​

About IGST

Integrated Global Solutions Technologies Sdn Bhd (IGST) is Malaysia’s pioneer of Virtualization and Cloud Computing Services. With over 15 years of experience, IGST has been at the forefront building our IT Cloud service (AVM Cloud Services) and virtualization solutions for its clients across multiple industries from financial banking, retail, logistics and government-linked corporations. We aim to provide our clients with INNOVATIVE, QUALITY, RELIABLE and VALUED services, providing our clients the option to be free from their quagmire of support and focus on their business.

Integrated Global Solutions Technologies (IGST):  Access to Enterprise-Class Hybrid Cloud Services  With a vision for the development of businesses in Malaysia and the rest of Asia, Integrated Global Solutions (IGST) believes in being “innovative and passionate” in what they do. Offering exceptional guidance via solutions pertaining to Datacenter Management, Data Service Providers, Data Protection/Business Continuity and Backup/Disaster Recovery services, the firm provides an array of VMware-based Virtualization and Cloud computing service.  From transitioning, moving existing workloads, and developing Digital Transformation solutions, IGST leverages its experience from both supporting and maintaining customer infrastructures. It also manages operation services to quickly build the AVM Cloud Services offering into one of the most massive cloud infrastructures for the real enterprise clients. Besides, it bridges the gap between customers by leveraging AVM Cloud Services. The AVM Cloud S