[E-Book] Transforming Industrial Organisations with Cloud Technologies

Cloud computing continues to modernise many industries, and for the manufacturing industry, in particular, it is looking to be a real game-changer. This is because the cloud gives manufacturing organisations access to readily available data and scalable computing power. As such, they can scale whatever resources that they need based on demand, without the tremendous planning and upfront investments required in traditional on-premises situations.

The cloud is no longer “just” a disruptor but it is now viewed as the future of modern manufacturing. It is enabling businesses to continuously grow and remain competitive while opening up the opportunity for them to explore new markets. It allows those in the manufacturing industry to become more interconnected and data-driven than ever before, to improve processes, infuse intelligence, enhance visibility across entire fleets of plants and ultimately, embark on the journey towards Industry 4.0.

As these organisations take on advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), they will rely more and more on the capabilities that only the cloud can provide.

For industrial organisations, especially those that are set in their traditional ways, the transition to the cloud may be fraught with challenges.

Download this ebook as we explore some of these challenges and explore what it would take for businesses to ensure a seamless and successful cloud transformation.

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