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Different tier of cloud storage.

Ability to store data with different performance requirement.

AVM Cloud Storage provide the capabilities to freely allocate the workload in the tier of the storage that meet the performance and cost requirement, while keeping your data available and accessible.

We provide Storage capacity to move the workload data from an on-premise infrastructure to the cloud. Combine AVM cloud compute together with the AVM cloud storage to start building your cloud infrastructure today.

Supported Tier Storage

Tier0 storage are supported by all flash media, with allocated QoS for each volume provision to the customer. QoS is an allocated quality of service of IOPS for each of the volume.

Storage Flexibility

For customer that require data replication to another datacentre for business continuity reason, additional cloud storage can be purchase which customer has an option of storing the DR copy of their data in the same tier of storage, or at a lower performance tier to keep the cost down. The DR cloud storage will include the bandwidth usage for data replication.

Reduced issues with latency

Different storage tiers allows allocation of application and workloads based on their latency requirements, improving performance of their server infrastructure.

Cost Savings

Businesses and organizations can often reduce annual operating costs by using cloud storage. Users can see additional cost savings because it does not require internal power to store information remotely.

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