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Different options of security services.

Security, privacy and data protection is still priority when hosting data and application in the cloud. Security cannot be compromise even with data in the cloud. Different options of security services are provided.

With AVM Cloud Security-as-a-Service, you can rest assure that your data in the cloud is fully protected and secured by deploying software defined firewall at the entry point of the tenant's private cloud.

Deep Security

A subscription based Software defined IDS/IPS for deep packet inspection on the trafic in the private cloud environment

Firewall as a Service

Software defined firewall that is installed in the private cloud environment to provide perimeter and inter-subnet firewall protection.


Anti-malware to prevent malicious malware and viruses from corrupting your database.

Peremeter security

Perimeter security by deploying software defined firewall at the entry point of the private cloud.

Get your business running with AVM Cloud Security-as-a-Service Today!