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Store,access and share data over the internet.


As amount of data are increasing, from big data, data lake, and IoT, enterprises are facing challenges in managing the millions of unstructured data without an effective data management, security and analytics capability.

AVM Cloud Services Object Storage is a simple and scalable way to store,access, and share data over the Internet. AVM Cloud Services provides and maintains the network-connected data storage, while customer provision and use of services for modern applications, media stream or data archival. Using cloud object storage eliminates the acquisition and management costs of buying and maintaining your own storage infrastructure, increases agility, provides global scale, and delivers " anywhere, anytime" access to data.

AVM Cloud Object Storage As a Service (OSaaS) provide customer an easy, low cost, multi-site and high available object storage solution for the management of large number of unstructured data, from small text file in KB to large media file in TBs size.


With the flexible and powerful policy engine, you can manage your life cycle of data inside the object storage more efficiently.


AVM Cloud Object Storage provides optimized performance, efficiency and bandwidth usage.

Fast yet Safe

Active metadata that stored separately from the object allows faster searches to be conducted, with the data fully encrypted for security


Highly scalable and provides single name space across multiple data centers

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