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Get resources to provision your cloud enabled application in the cloud environment.

AVM Cloud Compute is a Cloud compute infrastructure provide the capability to the IT organization to deploy their application without the heavy IT investment for the hardware, software license, and facility cost. The cloud compute infrastructure can be spin up to accommodate the application much faster than the traditional datacentre deployment approach. 


AVM Cloud Compute offers the resources to be allocated base on your current requirements, allowing you to deploy and scale your applications and workloads without downtime.

High performance VMs

VMware technology allows scalable and customizable VMs catered to your specific needs for the business.


Businesses can get applications to market without delay, nor worry about additional infrastructure costs or maintenance.

Allocatable Compute Resource

vCPU and vRAM together to provide a compute infra.Resources group with vCPU and vRAM allocated

DR Simulation/Testing

Resources reserved at the DR site and can be turn on for DR testing.

Get your business running with AVM Compute Today!