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Moving the backup workload into the cloud. Realize the cost saving and still meeting regulatory requirement

Sometimes you just need an alternate venue to keep your non-critical data workloads to free up more space for your more important applications.

AVM Cloud Back-Recovery-as-a-Service allows customers to benefit from the cost saving aspect of the cloud by moving some non-critical workload to the cloud without compromising regulatory requirements and moving mission/business critical applications. 

No Disruptions

There will be minimum disruption to the existing backup infrastructure, preventing business loss due to lost data/ data corruption.

Secured data : backup

All data that was backed to the cloud will be deduplicated, compressed and encrypted before leaving the customer network, increasing the security around the data and preventing data breaches.

Lower cost of connectivity

AVM Cloud servers/data centres are located in Malaysia with connectivity to Malaysia's internet exchange, reducing customer's cost of connectivity to the cloud compare to the internet link.

Backup Application

The backup and restoration functionality will be completely managed by any backup application.

Get your business running with AVM Cloud Back-Recovery-as-a-Service Today!