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Added layer of security

2 FA is referred to as a two step verification denotes a higher security approach to identify user identities before allowing access to the respective user. This is important to provide additional layer of security and makes it harder to gain access by outsiders/hackers.

AVM Cloud 2 Factor Authentication(2FA) has access control and audit solutions built in with SSH based proxy access gateway and agent less solution,increasing security and management efficiency for access to all systems of the infrastructure

Safe Authentication

Receive user connection request, authenticating the user and then returning all configuration information necessary for the client to deliver service to the user.

2FA Engine

AVM Cloud 2FA comes with a 2 Factor Authentication engine to provide the One Time Passsword Authentication, preventing duplication and hackers from compromising the servers


The technology behind the 2FA is powered by Secure-Ki


User passwords are sent encrypted between the client and ORISS to prevent breach of data through an unsecured network

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