Microsoft SQL Monitoring

Why monitoring is important

You need to know what is causing the problem, before you can assume that an upgrade is the answer. Fixing a few rogue queries can result in a surprisingly rapid rejuvenation of a tired database and avoids these unnecessary costs and delays.



AVM Enforce

MS SQL Monitoring?

All about SQL

Provide proactive SQL database file growth, database blocking, deadlock and long-running queries. 

No training


No product training necessary for staff to manage multiple software


Fast detection of database outages, failures, and table corruption

Extra Monitoring not needed

No additional monitoring software required

In-depth Analysis


In addition to the incident report, we are able to provide a root cause analysis.



Predictive analysis of storage requirements and index performance


No yearly software maintenance subscription

Lower Infra cost,
Increase performance

Increased application availability, database performance at Lower Infrastructure cost

24 x 7

24x7 monitor SQL performance and provide proactive recommendation

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