Finance Services Industry

A Tier 1 Financial Institution

As a Tier 1 Financial Institution, it is crucial for their IT to have a flexible and agile platform that is automated, resilient and most importantly secured – in short, a platform that is built for Infrastructure as Code.

At the same time, to ensure our client’s resources are invested in their core business; they were looking at lowering their total cost of ownership by converting their infrastructure investment from the existing CAPEX model to an OPEX model so that they can utilize their cash flow for sales and marketing driven projects.

This was previously restricted as the basic virtualized platform our client was using was not able to fulfil nor support their business requirements.

Furthermore, to enhance their business processes, our client needed to transform their IT workforce’s skillsets to analytics and automation instead of merely maintaining their hardware & infrastructure.

After weighing in the scenario presented by our client and their nature of business, AVM Cloud provided the below solutions that we believe will enable them to reduce their provision time and increase their business competitiveness:

  1. Private cloud (Cloud-in-a-Box) – AVM Cloud will be maintaining and upgrading the hardware and software using the data center located in the client’s premises.
  2. PaaS platform built for Infrastructure as Code – This will allow the client to add new services on to the platform easily upon request
  3. Shorten provision time – From months to hours, with ability to scale up or down upon request
  4. OPEX model – Which can be scaled up or down upon request and pay-per-use