A Client from a Conglomerate

The increasing demand of resource contentions and expectations from business users caused stress to this client’s infrastructure. On top of production operation issues, the client also faced issues related to server security and disaster recovery (DR).

These are typical patterns found in IT environments where operational and strategic decisions could not keep up with the pace of evolution and growth of the virtual infrastructure.

To meet the growing needs, a dynamic, scalable and flexible IT infrastructure is imperative.

The client also requested for a cheaper alternative to their existing co-location model and suggested the cloud consumption model. Other criteria the client was seeking in the new and improved infrastructure are:

  1. Reduction of turnaround time
  2. Improvement in workload performance
  3. Compliance with data sovereignty
  4. Adoption of a shared services model so that the IT team could charge their subsidiaries based on actual usage
  5. Migration of 500 VM under a complex component with capability and experience
  6. A managed back up, DR and security services

Based on the client’s requirements, AVM Cloud provided the following solutions:

  1. Flexibility to Scale – We proposed an infrastructure with the flexibility to scale up and down within a short period
  2. Multi-tiered storage – Upgraded the current storage to a multi-tiered one to ensure a performance-based critical or non-critical workload
  3. OPEX, pay-per-use Model – Implemented an OPEX, pay-per-use model
  4. Localised Data Centers – All our data centres are located within Malaysia with a Production to DR site compliance of 30km
  5. On-time Migration – All migration were completed on-time
  6. 24×7 support – Managed services for Operating System, backup services, DR and security are provided with 24×7 support