Fast Food Chain

This fast food chain’s IT platform was previously built on a traditional infrastructure. The core IT framework offered limited room for expansion, longer turnaround time and high capital expenditure.

The client approached AVM Cloud with request for a scalable and automated infrastructure that has “Business on Demand Capability”, which will allow them to expand their business robustly as and when needed with minimum turnaround time.

Other requests from the client include:

  1. Transform their IT investment from CAPEX to OPEX model to save cost and focus on investment into new technology and innovations.
  2. To add value to the service providers in terms of business continuity, risk management and other operational services.
  3. Conduct an operational transformation exercise that will allow their IT staff to take up new challenges.
  4. Create an infrastructure that will allow the fast food chain’s IT staff to work remotely through their “Workplace Anywhere” initiative and empower them to provide better internal operation support.

The following solution was adopted to fulfill the client’s objectives:

  1. A Virtual Private Cloud – Located in a Tier-3 Enterprise Data Centre, the Virtual Private Cloud is fully managed by AVM Cloud.
  2. Application Support/Upgrade – A seamless application migration and upgrade that has minimum impact to business was created through temporary resource assignment and snapshot rollback.
  3. Network/Security Management – The network and security is tightly controlled and can only be accessed by authorized traffic. Public websites are closely monitored by the Security Operation Centre for any abnormal attempts. The Infrastructure also offers business continuity and is protected by the Disaster Recovery Site.
  4. Compute resources that can be dynamically scaled up and down according to the business needs with minimum provisioning turnaround time.
  5. A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI that provides IT staff the flexibility to work remotely even on their mobile devices. VDIs can be assigned temporarily or permanently without having to invest on any physical hardware.

The request to upgrade their infrastructure was timely as the Movement Control Order restricted the fast food operator from offering Dine-in service. The upgraded infrastructure allowed our client to leverage on online delivery to compute resources and serve their customers seamlessly. The IT workforce was also able to support the infrastructure remotely through VDI. Business was as usual for our client, thanks to the upgraded infrastructure.